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Lofty Pursuits

Christmas Loot Box 2023

Christmas Loot Box 2023

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This is a Pre-order for our Christmas Loot Box. It will ship around December 4th.

What is in it? Well that is a surprise!

But I can give some hints.

It will have a new sour flavor, It will have a freeze dried flavor, it will have something you normally can only get in our store (a food item) that goes with something in the last Loot Box, (But it does not have to.) It will have a flavor that has not been made in the last 100 years (we  will see how that goes, it may not come with this flavor, we are still testing it.) we will have drops made on a roller I've never used before (and that i have to restore over the weekend). It has a flavor Jake developed. All at least arguably Christmas or Winter in theme.

It will has have loot. Something I engineered, Something for future Christmas day and some stickers sand buttons. It will be a bit smaller than the 30th anniversary one, but it will be just as limited. If you missed the first one.

It will make you smile and think about flavors in ways we hope that will surprise you.

It could be a gift, it could be shared, it could be savored, it could be horded.

This is going to be cool. 

We sold out when we went public with the last one in a day.

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