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Lofty Pursuits

Yuzu flavored, Ghost candy. (A low allergen candy)

Yuzu flavored, Ghost candy. (A low allergen candy)

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A specter is haunting Lofty Pursuits - the specter of citrus. Our newest ghost flavor has arrived just in time for spooky season - in the form of a smiling yuzu-flavored ghost. As usual, this ghost candy contains no corn syrup, food coloring or artificial flavors, so you can enjoy the goodness of candy without anything scary in it! Unless, of course, you’re afraid of ghosts. But we promise this one is friendly. Amazing taste, and an amazing image.

For years we've made candy like this and called them Ghost candy, since they look like the ghosts of our regular candy. This time, we really made them ghosts.

2.75 oz. bag

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