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Lofty Pursuits

Gill Man Candy in Memory of Ricou Browning

Gill Man Candy in Memory of Ricou Browning

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The underwater scenes in the film The Creature from the Black Lagoon were filmed about 15 miles from Lofty Pursuits. The actor who was underwater was Ricou Browning who was a local. He attended the same high school as my daughter attended to. (Shout out to Leon H.S. Go Lions!) He also worked as a soda jerk at the soda fountain in the Lodge at Wakulla Springs (I'm a soda jerk, and I ran that very soda fountain for about 3 years.) So we had a lot in common. He passed away on February 27th 2023. We made this candy in his memory and because it's yummy and cool.

In 2019 I met Ricou, and asked him what flavor a Gill-man candy should be in. He said "My favorite flavor is peanut butter!" So this is peanut butter Gill-man.

2.75 oz. bag

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