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Leftovers from the Feast 2022

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The best part of Thanksgiving is the leftovers. And we made leftovers again this year. 

This is the follow up to our feast, leftovers. The same flavors but instead of being with images they are made as drops. They ham is just as fantastic.

We are still making the assortment, but, what is listed below should be in the mix, but there might be small changes. 

This will be in the assortment:


Pink - Ham: A fine Virginia ham, served candied. I mean what else would we do.
Yellow - Sweet Corn: Fresh off the farm this corn will evoke memories of buttery goodness.
Green -Stuffing: I call it dressing in my family, but this is a Celery Stuffing.
Red - Cranberry Sauce: Traditional in the sauce style not the can style.
Orange - Peach Cobbler: The fuzz can get left in your teeth with this one
Red with stripes Apple Pie: Just like Mom's
White- Buttered roll
Apple Cider

And like leftovers, they don't look as pretty as when they were first carved on the table, but they taste just as good, or better.

(Note: The photo is of last years assortment. We will update when we are finished making them)

2.75 oz bag