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Shamrock Drop Assortment 2023

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For St. Patrick's Day, Irish themed candies. 

While Supplies Last!

Apple Cake - Red
Whisky Vanilla - Blue
Irish Cream - Green
Irish Coffee - Brown
Barmbrack - White
Toffee - Orange
Clover Honey - Yellow

Vanilla Whiskey candy shamrocks and why blue should be the color of St. Patricks day

Why apple is the flavor of St. Patrick.

Flavor Breakdown:

Vanilla Whiskey - Vanilla pairs well with whiskey, and according to the church, Saint Patrick's symbolic color is blue not green, so we made this blue. We've greatly improved the whisky flavor this year.

Irish Coffee - Historically, this is the newest of the Irish flavor traditions, having been invented in 1943. This year we updated the flavor of this clear brown candy, by improving the whiskey flavor, and making it more of an Irish whiskey in taste. A video for this will be up in about a week, keep your eyes open, because we'll also cover the original way to make an Irish Coffee, and how the drink spread world wide. I had fun doing research here and even more fun testing the drink.

Toffee - This flavor is for a specific type of aerated toffee (not taffy) that is made in Ireland. It's mostly known for being a topping for the Knickerbocker sundae that harry potter enjoyed in the first book. Color: Orange, which is roughly the color of the toffee.

Irish Cream - The wonderful flavor you'd expect in a light green of Ireland. We have a video of this from all the way back in 2016, and it has our marching band in it!

Barmbrak - I know this one is a bit of a stretch. Barmbrak is a quick bread associated with Halloween over in Ireland. It is a true Irish taste. I encountered this in NYC growing up from Irish neighbors, and while it traditionally has dried fruit in it, apparently the New York version of it used more new world dried fruits (go figure). I decided to go with the flavor of my childhood here. This bread/cake has a tradition of having a ring baked into it. If it's in your piece, it means a year of good luck, or a year where you will be married. It always felt to me that this was a similar tradition to the King Cake baby. While the flavor is out of season it is an amazing and unusual flavor in candy, and it lets us have fun, by letting us make a dozen candy rings for our version of the ring tradition. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to get one, if you do send a photo. The color is pulled white

Clover Honey - Yellow is clover honey, the sweet flavor that remains from the last summer to enjoy before spring starts.

Apple - Saint Patrick was known for planting apple trees, and important thing in old Ireland. While often not thought of it's a flavor for the holiday, and it's in a dark green

2.75 oz. bags