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Holiday Candy Feast Assortment 2021 (2 bags)

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Call this 2nd helpings. We found a few more sets and we're getting them up for you.

We wanted to put so many flavors into this years assortment, but we could not figure out how to fit all the flavors into one bag, so it's going into two. Leftovers will come out after thanksgiving. This is the image candy assortment.

Two courses of candy goodness in two bags. We hope this will end the issue of having only one piece of something cool in the bag. 

(Don't worry if we run out, like all good dinners, we should Leftovers for you to enjoy when the feast is done! So check back.

This is divided into to courses (bags)
Course one: Savory
Ham: A fine Virginia ham, served candied. I mean what else would we do.
Sweet Corn: Fresh off the farm this corn will evoke memories of buttery goodness.
Sweet Potato Casserole: with marshmallows and a  little cinnamon.  
Beet: Earthy and yummy. It was good last year, this is better.
Stuffing: I call it dressing in my family, but this is a Celery Stuffing.

Course two: Sweet
Cranberry Sauce: Traditional in the sauce style not the can style.
Apple Pie: From the crust to the tart apples perfections. This was made with Macintosh apples if I tasted it right.
Pecan pie: Clearly a southern tradition
Peach Cobbler: The fuzz can get left in your teeth with this one
Strawberry Cheesecake: A new flavor we've been working on. Smooth and creamy
Pumpkin Spice Beer: Yes a craft beer flavored candy, perfect to finish off a feast like this.
Ok, I may have gone overboard in the description, but they are darn good. We'll talk about the flavor failures that we did not include on our podcast.

2-2.75oz bags. (not one bag, but two)