Shipping Updates

Important: We are on a new ordering platform. If you had an account with us, you will need to create a new one. (sorry about that)

You will not find the Tangerine Sours here yet. We are selling them first to our past customers and Patreon members. If you received an e-mail notice that allows you to access to order as you are a past customer, don't worry we will be restocking. We will be doing a drop every Tuesday at 1PM for you. Please save that link you got and don't share it or we will have o do something else. We are cross checking orders against past customers e-mails, names and addresses. When we fulfill the orders of these past customers we will be opening orders to everyone, also on Tuesdays. We are actively expanding our production capacity so we can serve everyone as soon as possible.

We think we are currently running +/- 16 business days to ship orders.

To find out when tangerine sours will become available to the public, please subscribe to our e-mail list E-mail List . Last updated 11/4/2021

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