Collection: Image Candy

Image candy, sometimes called cut rock, is a rare and hand folded candy. The images are made by making large logs of hot sugar with one large image assembled throughout the log of candy. This log is then pulled without distorting the image so that the candy master traps a small version of the art in each bite. Some of the art represents the flavors, some is for holidays or custom work, and some is just for fun. All of our candy is made using our candy cooling table that was made in 1881 in Hartsfield CT, and weights in excess of 2000 pounds. This candy making tradition started in England in the 1700's, and our candy masters here at Lofty Pursuits are one of but a handful of stores that still make this style of candy entirely by hand. Enjoy your favorite flavor or one of our variety packs.

We can make this candy with text, images or a logo of your choice. Click the Custom tab at the top of the screen for details.