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Damfino Assortment

Damfino Assortment

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What is this?

Its an amazingly cool bag of candy at a discounted price. 

We sometimes we do an excellent candy design, and other times...  we don't and we have to do it again. Sometimes we train a new candy maker, and things don't work out as planned. Occasionally, we get an excellent idea, and discover it's not that great. At times, we test out a different flavor. All sorts of things can happen and that leaves us with random candy that need to find a home. Candy only a mother could love. Candy you will love! 

Question: What flavors are in this section?
Answer: Dam-fi-no 

Question: What art is in these candies?
Answer: Dam-fi-no

Question: Is there a chance of drops in my assortment?
Answer: Dam-fi-no

Question: Could there be bits of Unicorn Droppings in my assortment?
Answer: Dam-fi-no

Question: Do you think this is an assortment or could the candies all be of one flavor and/or pattern?
Answer: Dam-fi-no

Question: Will you always have these in stock?
Answer: Dam-fi-no

Question: Are you planning to give any other answers?
Answer: No.

Assorted random candies. What selection of candies? Dam-fi-no.

If you are interested, this name comes from a gag that was used in many Buster Keaton films as is seen in this photo. With this candy really can't tell you what you will get, but we can promise it will be fun.

2.75 oz. bag 

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