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Damfino Assortment

Damfino Assortment

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What is this?

Well sometimes we do an excellent candy design, and other times we have to do it again. Sometimes we train a new candy maker, and things don't work out as planned. Occasionally, we get an excellent idea, and discover it's not that great. At times, we test out a different flavor. All sorts of things can happen and that leaves us with random bits of candy that need to find a home. Candy only a mother could love. Damfino 

Question: What flavors are in this section?
Answer: Damfino

Question: What art is in these candies?
Answer: Damfino

Question: Is there a chance of drops in my assortment?
Answer: Damfino

Question: Could there be bits of Unicorn Droppings in my assortment?
Answer: Damfino

Question: Do you think this is an assortment or could the candies all be of one flavor and/or pattern?
Answer: Damfino

Question: Will you always have these in stock?
Answer: Damfino

Question: Are you planning to give any other answers?
Answer: No.

Assorted random candies. What selection of candies? Damfino.

2.75 oz. bag 

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