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Candy Cap Mushroom

Candy Cap Mushroom

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This is the story behind Candy Cap Mushrooms.

About two and a half years ago, I was making Valentine's Day candy and a kid was watching me make candy. I was pretending the blue hearts I was making were actually Brussels sprout flavored. I then conceded it was not Brussels sprouts, but instead told her it was mushroom flavor. I got the scrunched up face I hoped for. Then her grandmother (who was enjoying this) said, "you know I make candied Shiitakes." And they left and I never found out what she meant. Joke? No joke? No idea.

This bothered me, so I traveled to Santa Jose, CA to visit the Fungus Fair, where I learned so much about mushrooms and discovered the Candy Cap Mushroom, which is in the same flavor family as maple syrup. Here we are several years later and I've done it. Mushroom flavored candy, with the flavor of Candy Cap Mushrooms. They are a caramel maple flavor entirely flavored with mushrooms, the particles of which you can see floating in the candy.

One year we used 1/5th of the crop to make candy.

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Candy Cap Mushrooms.

2.75 oz. bag

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