DILL-icious Hard Candy (Dill Pickle flavored)

DILL-icious Hard Candy (Dill Pickle flavored)

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More dill than pickle, this flavor is DILL-ectable and DILL-lightful. I hope you will find it your I-DILL candy. It's actually flavored with real dill oil. We had to travel to a pickle fest to research this one.  Don't believe me? Watch the video.

I'd say 1/4th of the world loves this flavor with a passion, 1/4 are not fond of it, and the middle are indifferent. You or the pickle lover you love will love this candy where we made savory sweet.

If you got this before, this is the revised flavor, we had trouble with our original supply channels, and we have found a new supplier of the ingredients we use. It is actually better than before. 

2.75 oz. bag

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