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Lofty Pursuits

Blue Raspberry Candy Canes (2)

Blue Raspberry Candy Canes (2)

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While blue raspberry is not a traditional Christmas flavor, it is one of the more popular ones. Why are raspberries depicted as blue you ask? As crazy as it seems, it's because candy makers wanted to keep raspberry candy from being confused with Cherry or Strawberry. And there lies the reality of a "blue" raspberry. The whitebark raspberry from the north-west USA is known for their "Blue Raspberry." It also wasn't enough of an excuse to make the flavor the official blue flavor for the USA.

Our handmade candy canes are not only thicker and heavier than what you are used to, but they taste better. Hand pulled and hand folded.

Individually bagged and sold in packs of two.

These are the Lofty Pursuits candy canes, as seen in Southern Living Magazine.

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